Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Mark Dolenc sighting

This image has nothing to do with
Mark Dolenc. I'm just fascinated by the
lines drawn by Hideki Okajima's
pitchng motion and captured by the
This is the portion of spring training when the Twins reach into their minor league camp each day and pull a handful of guys up to the major league camp for the day.

This gives Ron Gardenhire and company a brief glimpse of some of the younger prospects,  gives them a day or two in the home whites, and keeps the bench well-stocked  even as the starters come out of that day's exhibition game early.

It was at this point last year — the final week or so of Florida games — that Mark Dolenc, who pitched and played outfield for Minnesota State, Mankato, started popping up in box scores. And so it is again. Dolenc went two-for-two Saturday with a double and two RBIs as the Twins came back to beat the Red Sox and win the Mayor's Cup.

Dolenc is 4-for-4 this year playing with the big boys. Meaningless, but I'm sure it feels better than last years' 0-fer.

Here are Dolenc's minor league stats. I would anticipate that he's in line to repeat Double-A ball this season.

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