Monday, March 28, 2011

A high-priced Diamond

The Twins can now
option Scott Diamond
to the minor leagues.
Dick Bremer said during today's broadcast that the Twins had traded Billy Bullock for the rights to Scott Diamond. (Addendum: Here's the Twins news release.)

That strikes me as a high price. Bullock was Minnesota's 2nd round pick in 2009, a hard-throwing reliever out of the University of Florida, and he had already reached Double-A. He's had excellent strikeout rates coupled with high walk rates in the minors.

Maybe the Twins had concluded that he simply isn't going to throw enough strikes, but Bullock was one of the better power arms in their system, and off what I know of the two, Bullock has a much higher ceiling than Diamond.

I had hoped the Twins could retain Diamond. I'm not sure he's worth Bullock.


  1. That's still a bit of a tough call, Ed. The Twins obviously see something in Diamond that they don't see in Bullock. Whatever that is, they feel they want to hang onto the guy bad enough that they sent Bullock to the Braves in exchange. Perhaps it's as much in his mental makeup as in his ability.

  2. The Twins know more about both guys than I do, and I have to trust their evaluators. Still, this deal is getting roundly panned. (Gleeman, Stohs)