Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nathan's outing

Four batters, one walk, two fly ball outs and a grounder. 

Another step forward.


  1. Couple of observations from a message boarder who was at the game today so take them FWIW:

    Reactions from pregame drills:

    -i knew Ben Revere's arm is weak. I didn't know it was that weak. He was needing a cutoff on a throw to home from short CF. It's even worse than Span's.

    -Rene Tosoni was doing work at 1B with Parmelee. I suppose they're trying to get him more versatility. And that will have to be his calling card as a potential future bench player for the team.

    -Nishi and Casilla were exclusively working at 2B and SS, respectively. When I came in, they were crouched down behind 2B, talking. Don't know how much they can even communicate.

    -Nishi is smooth. And he looks like he's going to have a little flair defensively.

    -Can't get over what a physical specimen Joe Benson is. Looks like a linebacker, runs like a gazelle.

    -Wow, I just caught a glimpse of Delmon in the dugout. Let's just say he didn't lose any weight this off-season. Dude's got a belly -- almost Puck-like (but not quite).

    During the game:

    -What a catch by Revere. Unbelievable. I'm not kidding, that looked like a Top 20 play for the year.

    -The velocity is noticeably absent for Joe Nahtan. And guys are taking rips off him

    -By the way, didn't see Nathan crack 86, if I remember correctly.

  2. misc. tweet:

    #Twins OF Michael Cuddyer will miss 7-14 days of spring training because he had a plantar wart on his left foot removed today. #mlb

  3. A few interesting additional notes re: gun readings at today's tilt plus another Ben Revere mention:

    So much for this "95 mph power sinker," Carlos Gutierrez was throwing 88-89 or so. The gun has been trippin’ here and missing pitches, so perhaps he threw harder on a few. But I don't remember seeing him crack 90.

    Gibson sitting 87-91. A lot of hard-hit balls, fair and foul, but a nice slider to punch out Cameron.

    I saw Jon Lester touch 91. Kyle Gibson touched 91. But a lot of high 80 readings. Bromberg is throwing 89-90.

    Revere just tried to throw someone out at the plate. It was a very accurate throw, and a close play. But it looked like it put on a parachute around the pitcher's mound, and just kind of floooooooooooated into the plate.