Thursday, May 13, 2010

On Target: Home and road splits, take 2

(Updated @ 8:50 a.m. Thursday)

On Tuesday, Justin Morneau crushed a ball just to the left of straight-away center field. It barely reached the warning track. Just a long out.

On Wednesday, Michael Cuddyer mashed a ball to left center — and Alex Rios made a very impressive over-the-fence grab (photo right).

Two long balls, two outs, and two more pieces of anecdotal evidence that Target Field plays long to center and the gaps.

The validity of that belief has yet to be fully established. We haven't seen summer yet.

Here are the Twins home/road splits — and again, it's too early to attach any real importance to these figures:

Home: The Twins have played 18 home games, scoring 88 runs (4.89 per game). They've hit 10 homers (.56 per game), slash stats .277/.362/.406.

They've allowed 63 runs (3.50), allowing 15 homers (.83), slash stats .252/.296/.393.

Road: The Twins have played 16 road games. They've scored 81 runs (5.06 per game), hit 22 homers (1.38), slash stats .276/.355/.452.

They've allowed 60 runs (3.75), 11 homers (.69), slash stats .270/.329/.406.


  1. Ed, any thoughts on the importance of the upcoming pair of series with the Yankees? I've read a couple of things that suggest it's time to remove the "losing monkey" from the team's back and consider the games as critically important. While I sympathize with the constant losing to the Yanks, I don't like approaching six games in May with playoff intensity.

  2. I think the chatter about the Yankees series and their past struggles with the Yankees is off-day syndrome. We need something to write about, so that's the topic OTD.

    Jim Souhan wouldn't know a choke if he was at a public hanging.

  3. I'd buy a ticket to watch his effigy hung. Or better yet, we can hire Bernie Carbo to smash his computer.