Saturday, May 8, 2010

The young and the old

On Friday, Starlin Castro of the Cubs became the first major league player born in the 1990s. The shortstop merely hit a three-run homer in his first at-bat and followed that with a three-run triple, and yes, six RBIs is a record for a major league debut.

My sense of it is that calling up Castro was a panic move by the Cubs. He's had all of 57 games in Double-A, and despite the big debut has not displayed much power in the minors. Still, the really great talents don't have to spend much time in the bushes. We'll see if Castro is a really great talent.

Also on Friday, the venerable Jamie Moyer, famed in song and print columns, threw a two-hit shutout at the Atlanta Braves. Granted, the Braves lineup is rather depleted by injury these days, but a 28-batter complete game is impressive on any level, much less by somebody 27 years older than Starlin Castro.

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  1. First ML player born in the 90s???

    Oh man, I'm older than dirt!