Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ex-Twins watch: R.A. Dickey

A rather impressive outing on Tuesday from R.A. Dickey — six shutout innings with seven strikeouts. Against the Phillies.

More proof, I suppose, for the proposition that you really can't kill a knuckleballer.

Dickey, of course, had a pretty strong first half with the Twins last season before completely imploding in July. (On July 1 his ERA was 2.36; by Aug. 5 it was 4.62, and he was gone.) By September I could barely remember that he'd ever been on the roster.

But he's "only" 35 — old by baseball standards, young by knuckleball standards. It's possible he's got the flutterball worked out to the point where he can survive in the majors. More likely, he'll continue to bounce from organization to organization, from Triple A to the bigs and back again.

I root for knuckleballers. They're always the last to get a chance, and that chance usually comes with a bad team. Go get 'em, R.A.

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