Monday, May 10, 2010

Ex-Twins watch: Livan Hernandez

Livan Hernandez, now pitching for the Washington Nationals, allowed one run in seven innings Sunday against the Florida Marlins.

This raised his ERA to 1.04.

This ain't 1968, and even if it were, Livan has never reminded anybody of Bob Gibson.

Still, we're well into May, the rubber-armed Cuban has made six starts, and he's barely allowing a run per nine innings.

This too shall pass. He's struck out just 14 men in a bit more than 43 innings, and walked the same number.

He can't possibly maintain a low batting-average allowed with that puny strikeout rate — he's striking out fewer than three men per nine innings, yet opposing hitters aren't batting .200 against him. Nor is a 1-to-1 walk-to strikeout ratio consistent with good pitching.

Still, he's on a strong run.


  1. Ed, Any thoughts about Neshek? Are the Twins upset that he refused a journey to Rochester? I listened to a couple of clowns, I mean, Strib reporters claim that he was putting his own selfish desires before acquiescing to the needs of the team. They didn't clarify their comment, so I'm forced to guess.

  2. I think what they're upset about is that he told them he was fine and could pitch until they told him he was being optioned to Rochester. THEN he said his finger hurt and he should be on the DL instead.

    He's acknowledged that once his hand is healed he's going to be pitching in the minors on a rehab assignment, if nothing else. I rather suspect he'll be optioned out after the rehab assignment, if only to make a point.

  3. Thanks for the elucidation.