Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ryan Howard makes Joe Mauer look like a bargain

Ryan Howard, the home-run hitter of the Phillies, got a five-year, $125 million contract extension Monday.

I have other things to do with my day, so I'll be lazy and let these writers tell you why this was a silly move by the Phillies.

I'll just observe that today it appears the Twins got off cheap on Mauer, who is younger and more multi-talented.

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  1. Trading Ramos.
    (not to be confused with Eating Raoul)

    The Wilson Ramas trade chip

    The one spot the well-stocked Rays have a hole and no depth at is C. Dioner Navarro has been unable to duplicate his 2008 success. Shoppach is a very good back-up but you do not want to start him for 130 games.

    Any one of these Rays would make a great 1 for 1 trade, starting at the most unlikely for the Rays to say YES:

    1 Jeremy Hellickson (Would require Ramos to play well at Triple A and play often, something he has yet to prove he can for a full season)

    2 Wade Davis (will turn into a big horse innings eater...not in the Josh Johnson tier but a Josh Johnson lite)

    3 Reid Brignac (Would do this in a heartbeat, the best match in talent for both clubs. Reid is very smooth. Slow and steady climb up the minor lg ladder. Very under-rated now that the shine is on Bartlett so brightly but Reid is a very good young SS...and a big boy. Twins would have SS covered for the next 10 years. Hardy would have to go to 2b or 3b next season)

    4 Sean Rodriguez (Stick him at 2b, give him stability & 500 ABs and you'd get 25 HRs yearly out of the 2nd base spot. Also can play OF, giving Gardenhire some of the roster flexabilty he does not have this season. IF Ramos cements his stock as a commodity this season Twins could also throw in a lower level prospect with Ramos and ask for Rodriguez and Jake McGee in the trade, getting a future closer prospect in the trade. McGee was once a power lefty starter just a tad more highly thought of than righty Davis but had the TJ and now may profile better as a closer when he hits the majors).