Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening night: Angels 6, Twins 3

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Box score here.

Unimpressive start for Scott Baker (above), who was a bit wild early and didn't get out of the fifth inning.

And a worrisome relief outing from Jose Mijares, who gave up home runs to left-handed hitting Hideki Matsui and switch-hitter Kendry Morales. Morales who struggled against lefties last season. These are the guys a left-handed specialist is supposed to get out.

Last year, Mijares dominated lefties. But things started getting away from him late in the season, and he wasn't very effective in spring training either.

And despite that, the Twins were in the game. They loaded the bases in both the sixth and seventh innings but couldn't push even one run across in either frame. And in the eighth, after Michael Cuddyer walked on four pitches and Jason Kubel got ahead 3-1, Kubel popped up on what might have been ball four. And then Delmon Young swung at the first pitch (natch; he's Delmon Young, after all) and ground into a double play.

Young did have a two-run homer in his first at-bat and add an infield single, so it's not like he contributed nothing to the attack.

A potentially winnable game, but the pitching wasn't all that good, and the offense couldn't quite break through.

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  1. We can still go 161 - 1! :) The offense will be there so we shouldn't have to read your last sentence every game or it will be a long season ending October 3.