Friday, April 9, 2010

Notes, quotes and comments

The above photo is from Wednesday night — Thursday morning here. Nick Punto high-fives Jon Rauch's elbow.


The White Sox made a conscious decision this off season to de-emphasize power and focus more on baserunning and contact. The general assumption is that this was largely Ozzie Guillen's concept — he's been talking for years about wanting more players he can hit-and-run with — but whether it's his idea or Ken Williams', that's direction they took.

Which is one of the reasons Jim Thome is a Minnesota Twin this season.

So ... three games into the season, the Sox are 1-2, and Ozzie's take:

When we built this club, I didn't want people to strike out, and we did too much (Thursday). If they continue to strike out like that, then we find another approach. With the ballclub we have, we can't be striking out like that. If we continue to strike out like that, then that's the game we're going to have -- 3-0, 3-2, 4-3 -- the bullpen is going to lose the game because we strike out too much. And they can say whatever they want to say -- good pitching, cold weather, whatever it is. Too many strikeouts.

Dontrelle Willis, sidelined for most of 2009 with a diagnosis of anxiety disorder, walked two men in the first inning Thursday but none in his next five innings. Has he beaten "The Thing"?

We can't be sure yet. This start was against Kansas City. The Royals have never been known to work counts, and K.C. manager Troy Hillman stacked his lineup with lefties. Willis got three double play grounders.

Jim Leyland's assessment: "It wasn't great, but it was OK."

The Tigers may need Willis to be a bit better than OK if they're going to contend.


It took me a while to get my response to Rok Lesjak of Slovenian Baseball and Softball. (The "reply" address of his original e-mail just bounced back.) But I finally managed to get it through, and he responded much more rapidly than I did:

Baseball is not popular here, yet (Slovenia population is 2 million, small, highly developed country, with a lot of athletic potential ). And we are working on it. However, we play baseball here for 35 years now. In this period of time we established 7 fields, 4 of those you can "kind of" say that are baseball fields. But that's quite a achievement for 35 years if you take as a fact that we built these fields bare hand on a dumps of construction material, with financial budget app. 1000€ a year. Thats what we call " get to it with a heart ".


  1. Love the comments and approach from Guillen because I'm much less likely to view them as a threat in the central. The entire small-ball bandwagon of a few years ago was a joke--simply not true. Seems Ozzie is believing his own press clippings. Now if Gardy would just forget about asking anybody not named Punto or Casilia to sacrifice bunt. . .

  2. LOL! The picture is a classic!