Friday, April 23, 2010

On Target: Home and road splits, take 1

The Twins have played 16 games — about one-tenth of the schedule. Which means that, even with the one-sided loss Thursday — really the first time the Twins were out of it — they're still on a 110-win pace.

They aren't that good — very few teams go 110-52 — but it's a promising start anyway.

So it seems an appropriate time to test the home/road splits, to see how Target Field is playing. Not that these numbers should be regarded as the basis for conclusion; we've had all of seven road games, nine home games. It's just a quick comparison to get our bearings.

Home: Twins have scored 49 runs (5.44 per game); hit 6 homers (.67 homers per game); slash stats .277/.280/.405. (Just to illustrate how quickly these can change this early in the year, going into Thursday the slash stats were .290/.394/.427.)

The visitors have scored 35 runs (3.89 per game); hit 8 homers (.89 per game); slash stats .261/.307/.425

Road: Twins have scored 32 runs (4.57 per game); hit 10 homers (1.43 per game); slash stats .248/.331/.424

The home teams have scored 21 runs in 7 games (3.00); hit 7 homers (1 per game); slash stats .250/.305/.381

We'll look again after May 12. The Twins will have had a nine-game road trip (starting today; Kansas City, Detroit, Cleveland) followed by a nine-game homestand (Detroit, Baltimore, White Sox).

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