Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The return of Ron Mahay

Quick note: The Twins re-signed Ron Mahay today.

You may remember him as a LOOGY addition late last season.

This is not particularly good news for Glen Perkins, Brian Duensing or Anthony Slama, who are currently duking it out for the final bullpen slot. Neither of the two southpaws (Perkins and Duensing) are notably tough on left-handed hitters, and Slama is another right-hander.

If the Twins are going to open with a "bullpen by committee," they probably needed another lefty to use in matchups besides Mijares. Or if they expect to make Mijares the closer, then they need a LOOGY to fill that role in the seventh and eighth innings.

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  1. Any thoughts on why the Twins seem unwilling to give Anthony Slama much of an opportunity to duplicate his AAA success? If nothing else, build his resume and use him as a trading chip. They seemed to have a similar blind spot about Nesshek a couple of years ago.