Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poll results: Liriano for rotation

Even after the news that Joe Nathan may be lost for the season, the readers appear to prefer having Francisco Liriano in the rotation as opposed to the bullpen.

The poll had 55 votes. Forty-two (75 percent) picked Liriano for the vacant rotation spot. Brian Duensing got seven votes (12%), Anthony Swarzak four (7 percent), Glen Perkins 3 (5 percent), and Jeff Manship was skunked.

I wouldn't be stunned if Liriano wound up in the 'pen and groomed early for the ninth inning job. I can argue either side of that proposition with equal passion. If Liriano can make 30-plus starts and 200-plus innings, he's more valuable starting than closing, but he's never made it even close to 200 innings on any level.

New poll up.

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  1. I vote for Liriano hands-down as a starter because: 1) he was Kofazesque pre-injury and those types don't come along very often---three ++ pitch pitchers shouldn't be in the bullpen. 2)he clearly doesn't have the mental makeup to handle the role--he would be the type of guy who would blow a save and be rattled for the next week---way too mentally fragile. 3)Closers are definitely important, but we've seen the Guardados and Nathans of the world step up into the role and have huge success.
    In my opinion, the Twins would have an excellent closer in Mijares if they can find someone to fill his current role. He has a bulldog's makeup, goes right at hitters, good control and two ++ big league pitches in his fastball and slider.