Monday, March 15, 2010

Name that Twin, Part 5

Today's mystery Twin is to the left. (I'm about ready to quit this concept, by the way.)

Yesterday's was Danny Valencia, the latest third baseman of the future. How soon that future is going to be...

To read the reports earlier this spring, the big hang-up for him is deportment. He has a bit of a reputation as a crybaby/irritant, and Terry Ryan, former GM and now a big-dog advisor, urged him to be seen and not heard during training camp.

Not to dismiss the value of interpersonal interplay, but I'm more concerned about the way his walk rate disappeared when he moved up to Triple A last season.

Double A: 31 walks in 252 plate appearances. A "walk percentage," if you will, of .123.

Triple A: Eight walks in 282 plate appearances, walk percentage of .028.

He needs to regain control of the strike zone at least as much as he needs to play well with others.

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