Friday, March 26, 2010

Around the division: White Sox

The big news out of the White Sox training camp in the past week or so hasn't had anything to do with the players on the field. It's about social media.

Ozzie Guillen famously started tweeting this spring, providing us with such insights as Love tucson great city great memories first town is a manager yesssss never forgat that and I want a corona polar presidente now please this trafic lord .

Then his son Oney started tweeting. Oney worked for the White Sox as a video scout, but when he started bashing members of the organization in his tweets, the Sox got rid of him. Ozzie was caught betwix and between, but acknowledged that Oney had to go: "You cannot Tweet or talk bad about this team while you're getting paid by this organization. And he was getting paid by the White Sox. Now he's not getting paid by the White Sox."

None of which figures to matter much on the field.

Other than the noises made by various Guillens, it seems to have been a quiet camp. No major injuries. The strength of the team still figures to be its starting rotation — Mark Buehrle will start the opener again, but a healthy Jake Peavy is the real ace, and John Danks and Gavin Floyd give them good depth.

The lineup ... well, I'm not impressed, but I keep remembering that the last time the Sox made such a conscious effort to move away from one-dimensional mashers was 2005, and they won the World Series that season.

I think they're the biggest threat to the Twins this season. I think they finish second.

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