Monday, November 16, 2009

What's new is what's old

The Twins on Monday unveiled their new uniforms.

They didn't see fit to model the standard home whites, probably because the only change is a very slight tweaking of the serifs on the "Twins" stylized script across the front of the jersey.

The Saturday throwback uniform, worn in the photo by Denard Span, is a replica of the 1961 uni -- most notable, the blue script "Twins" outlined in red, a reverse color pattern than they've used for a couple of decades.

The biggest change is the road gray, modeled here by Scott Baker. The pinstripes are gone. The block letter "Minnesota" is replaced with script, blue outlined in red. The stylized script "m" cap has been relegated to alternate use; the new road cap is a two-tone TC.

My reactions:
  • The change to the standard whites is so minor I wouldn't have noticed it without it being called to my attention, and I work with fonts.
  • The throwback is fine as a one-year wonder.
  • Everybody's standard home unis are more attractive than their standard road unis. This is no exception. Ditching the pinstripes on the road is for the best, but this design certainly doesn't stand out. (A co-worker complained that it looks like Cleveland's road uniform, and he's got a point.)
  • I dislike most two-tone caps, and especially blue crowns with red brims.
  • I have mixed emotions about the fading away of the "m" cap. Like most Twins fans, I prefer the TC logo. But the "m" was the cap for both the '87 and '91 World Series teams, and I will always think of it fondly as a result.

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  1. I like the mix of throwback uni's in the new stadium.