Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Housekeeping notes

I doubt that the contents of the rail to the right of these posts matter as much to you as to me, but I've rearranged things a bit.

The blog roll — one roll for most of the season — has been split up into three parts. Twins-oriented, general baseball, AL Central.

I'm comfortable with the first two. The AL Central roll, not so much. After spending some time on an evening off looking at blogs from around the division, I have tentatively concluded that:

a) The Twins fan base has created more intelligent blogs than the rest of the division put together (I could make a longer list than I did without feeling embarrassed) and

b) That can't be right.

So that list is a work in progress. The DiaTribe was the best from about a half-dozen Indians sites I visited, but its posts are even longer and more meandering than mine. That one was at least being updated. A lot of White Sox and Indians blogs appear to have curled up and gone to sleep when it was obvious that they were out of the race. That's not what I'm looking for. i want blogs whose masters are passionate enough about the team to have something to say even when it's a bad team.

So ... any suggestions for Cleveland, Kansas City and White Sox oriented blogs will be seriously considered. I want one or two for each AL Central team. Detroit, I think I have covered.

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