Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Twins fan's thankful twelve

The Yankees won 103 games last year, which means they LOST 59 times. Joe Mauer hit .365, which means he made outs in 63.5 percent of his at-bats. You can always find something to gripe about, and I do so too often.

But today is Thanksgiving, and a day to be grateful for the good things we have. I could make a list trite and profound of such things in my life, but this is a baseball blog, so I'll stick to the diamond.

Twelve things for which this Twins fan gives thanks:
  1. That I get to watch Joe Mauer play on a daily basis.
  2. That everybody involved is making reassuring noises about Mauer's future in Minnesota.
  3. For 28 years of knowing tonight's game won't be rained out.
  4. For a future of fresh air and real grass.
  5. For Denard Span's consistently professional at-bats.
  6. For Michael Cuddyer's willingness to vacate his preferred position for the sake of the team.
  7. For Ozzie Guillen, who drew the venom from the Twins-White Sox rivalry without losing the competitiveness.
  8. For the energy and enthusiasm Carlos Gomez brought to the ball park every day the past two seasons.
  9. That the Twins were able to exchange Go-Go's unopened tool box for a quality shortstop.
  10. That the Twins' best player doesn't get stinkin' drunk during a crucial series.
  11. That Justin Morneau and Pat Neshek sound good to go.
  12. That spring training is just 87 days away.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Thanks for reading.

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