Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wild thing and poll result

The Twins, with all their pitching problems, continue to exhibit the best control in baseball.

Entering Sunday's play, the Twins had walked just 323 batters, the fewest in baseball. Their 31 wild pitches were in the bottom third.

Then there's A.J. Burnett (right), the Yankees' $82.5 million man.

Burnett has had four games with three wild pitches this season. (Two of them have come against the Twins; the Yankees, of course, won both games.) He could easily have had a fourth wild pitch in his last start, but a fast ball that eluded Jorge Posada hit the home-plate up smack in the chest protector.

He leads the AL in walks (73) and wild pitches (17) and tied for second in hit batters. He's also 15th in ERA.

Call him the anti-Twin.

Poll results: Thirteen voted in the "who to lop from the rotation" question, with multiple answers permitted.

Six wanted Francisco Liriano out; six wanted Glen Perkins out (the question was posted before Perkins went on the DL); four wanted Anthony Swarzak to sit down; and three clicked on "why stop there," probably with Nick Blackburn in mind.

New poll up

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