Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Radio, radio

I was stuck with the radio "description" of the early part of Tuesday's Twins-Royals fiasco. I really don't know which was worse: Nick Blackburn's pitching, or John Gordon-Dan Gladden in the booth.

Gladden's silly evaluation of Mike Jacobs (a true one-tool player — he hits an occasional long ball but can't run, field, throw or hit for average, plus he has lousy strike zone judgment, but Gladden likes him anyway and can't figure out why he's been relegated to part-time play) and Gladden-Gordon's joint misevaluation of the Marlins' home stadium (they think it's a bandbox, and it's actually one of the toughest home run parks in the National League) were bad enough. Ignorance on parade.

But in the second inning a real live professional tour golfer showed up, and as long as Hunter Mahan stuck around, whatever happened on the field was going to be classified information to their listeners.

Even after Mahan left — apparently to go distract the TV boys from their jobs — Gordo was so enthralled by the encounter that he called Delmon Young "Michael" and had Mitch Meier playing two outfield positions simultaneously for Kansas City.

I wish someone would hire Gordon to broadcast golf. It would be good for him — he clearly cares more about golf than about baseball — and it would be good for those of us who listen to the Twins on the radio.

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  1. John Gordon: It's way back...way back...way back...and it's caught by the shortstop!

    J.G is one major reason I prefer to watch on TV rather than listen on the radio. I remember years ago they used to tell us to put the Twins on TV but turn the sound down and listen on the radio. But no more.

    But the TV guys aren't perfect. At one point last night, Dick Bremer had Bannister both pitching and playing center field!