Sunday, August 30, 2009

Notes, quotes and comments

"I was looking at the Little League [World Series] game this morning [on television], and they were playing better than we did. It was more fun."

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen after the Sox lost 10-0 Saturday to the Yankees. it was one of the kinder things he said about his team.

* Jake Peavy didn't make it though the fourth inning of his most recent rehab start. Meanwhile, Clayton Richard, pulled from the White Sox rotation and dealt to San Diego as part of the Peavy deal, is 3-1 for the Padres. (He really isn't pitching very well, however.)

* Matthew Pouliot of the Circling the Bases blog ranks the Twins 12th in current talent generated by its organization. This is a different concept than the Young Talent Inventory I wrote about here earlier in the week. This is about players the Twins originally signed.

* One mildly amusing sidelight to the idea that the Twins may import Brad Penny to be a teammate of Carl Pavano's (at least for a month) is that both pitchers were (at different times) romantically involved with actress Alyssa Milano. Locker rooms being what they are ...

* Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune speculates Joe Crede is contemplating retirement after his recurrence of back problems.

*Poll results: Twenty-two people responded to the question about which free-agents-to-be the Twins should try to retain.

Ten (45 percent) said Orlando Cabrera; nine (40 percent) Carl Pavano; seven (31 percent) none of them; two (9 percent) Crede; and 1 (4 percent) Mike Redmond.

New poll up.

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