Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quotes, notes and comment

"The way Kenny (Williams) built this ballclub, there's no doubt we're better than .500. Look at our lineup, look at our pitching staff. Don't look at our defense, please. Don't look at that one, we're horrible. But if you look at the team and say this is a .500 team, you have to be wrong."
— White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen after his boss, GM Kenny Williams, called the team "underachievers."

* Joe Mauer — who homered, doubled, singled and stole a base in Monday's loss — is hitting .380. Three-freaking-eighty.

He leads the AL in batting average by 20 points (.380 to Ichrio's .360). He leads in on-base percentage by 22 points (.446 to Kevin Youkilis' .424). He leads in slugging percentage by a ridiculous 58 points (.637 to Kendry Morales's .579).

And he's a catcher.

* In one of his all-too-frequent throwaway lines that begs for detail and sourcing, Peter Gammons offers this on the Texas Rangers: "(the) crumbling of Tom Hicks' financial empire ... is so bad that the Arlington grounds crew can't afford to water the playing field in equator weather."

* The Detroit Tigers added Aubrey Huff. Last year, Huff hit .304 with 32 homers for Baltimore; this year, .253 with 13 homers. You pays yer money, you takes yer chances.

* Speaking of taking yer chances ... the Twins, after Francisco Liriano added another short start, put the lefty on the DL (with a dead arm, inflamed ERA and bruised ego) and have turned again to Phil Humber, whose ERA in Triple A is 5.28.

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  1. "...and have turned again to Phil Humber, whose ERA in Triple A is 5.28. "

    Well, what else can they do???