Monday, June 22, 2009

They love the night life

The Twins got just two hits in Sunday's loss. This is just an extreme manifestation of a continuing trend — they can't hit in day games.

They've played 25 day games so far — 92 runs, 10th in the AL. (and one of the teams below them, the Angels, have scored six fewer runs in five fewer day games.) That's 3.68 runs per game — and remember, they had 20 runs in one day game. Ignore that bizarre one, and they have 72 runs in 24 day games, exactly 3 runs per game.

They've played 46 night games — 249 runs, second in the AL. That's 5.41 RPG.

In the daytime, the Twins have a 2.42 batting average, a .316 on-base percentage, a .369 slugging percentage, and a .682 OPS. All these percentages rank between 10th and 12th in the 14-team American League.

At night: .289 BA (first); .361 OPB (second); .461 SLG (second); .822 OPS (second).

One can come up with a variety of surmises on why this is happening — a weak bench, players not getting sufficient rest, just a fluke — but it sure looks like a problem.

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