Monday, June 1, 2009

Notes and quotes

Aubrey Huff of the Baltimore Orioles, on Detroit Tiger pitchers Justin Verlander and Edwin Jackson: "Honestly, I've played nine years, and the last two guys are probably the best back-to-back I've seen in my nine years." (Link here)

*The Los Angeles Times discovers New Ulm.

*Baseball America's latest mock draft has the Twins selecting RHP Matt Hobgood of Norco (Calif.) High School with the 22nd pick of the first round. "A 6-foot-4 245-pounder, Hobgood resembles a young Goose Gossage." Throws hard, has questionable command. I'd provide a link, but it's subscription only. The real draft begins June 9.

*It was a bad idea from the beginning, and the Chicago Cubs have finally pulled the plug on it. The Gatorade dispenser they stuck in the middle of the Cubs dugout — battered on at least two occasions by pitchers throwing tantrums — is to be removed.

*Roy Oswalt says he's not interested in being traded to the Chicago White Sox. Not to worry, Roy; Ken Williams, the Chisox GM, says he's not interested in you.

* The results of the Mauer power poll: 10 votes cast. Four say 21-25 homers; three say 26-30; 1 31-35; two 35-plus.

* Nick Punto takes a lot of grief for his offensive struggles, and he deserves it. But those demanding Brendan Harris as the Twins everyday shortstop don't see the less obvious defensive issues. He had crucial unmade plays — not errors, but plays he should have made — in the Twins' two losses to Tampa Bay last week.

*Of coincidental connection to baseball: This year's list of names for tropical storms/hurricanes, should we have enough of them, gets to Peter and Rose. Let's hope the Atlantic storms don't rack up 4,256 hits this season.


  1. I gotta agree with you on B. Harris, Ed. He should have made those plays. I'm amazed Gardy let him play 2nd a few days ago, since he couldn't even come close to turning a double play from that position last year. I thought Gardy swore off letting him play there, but apparently not. I dunno, the kid can definitely hit, but there's something messed up in his head when it comes to playing defense.

  2. (But he sure made a super play last night, a great pickup with a long throw to first for the out! Now why can't he play 2nd, come across the bag and throw to 1st for a double play?)