Monday, June 22, 2009

Bullpen shuffle

Word out of Rochester is that the Twins have called up pitcher Bobby Keppel. (You have to read to the bottom of the story to find it out.)

No word yet on who is being taken off the 25-man roster; they don't have to do anything until Tuesday, since today's an off day. The two obvious targets are Sean Henn and Luis Ayala; Henn's pitching worse, but he's left-handed, and swapping him out for Keppel would leave just one lefty in the pen, Jose Mijares.

I doubt it will be Jose Morales, the No. 3 catcher; the relief corps right now isn't being overworked, and the Twins will spend the rest of this week on the road in NL parks, so can use an extra pinch hitter. When Denard Span returns, which is supposed to be a bit later this week, it will probably be Jason Pridie who goes back down.

Update: Luis Ayala has been designated for assignment.

Keppel has had a good season in Rochester, but his (very limited) major league track record doesn't suggest he's an eight-inning option. I wouldn't be surprised if R.A. Dickey began to get significant late innings.

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