Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joe Mauer goes 4-for-4

It's enough to make one giddy.

Mauer's batting average is now .429.

He's 7 for 9 over the last two games, and so what if he has just one extra-base hit in that span? It's still an .888 slugging percentage.

It takes 205 plate appearances for a Twins player to qualify for the batting title right now, and he has 185, 20 shy. If you charged him with 20 hitless at-bats, he'd be hitting .381 — which would lead the American League.

His slugging percentage right now is .756. Charge him with 20 empty at-bats, and it's .670 — and yes, that would lead the league (Mark Teixeira is the official leader at .618).

If he went 0-for-58, Mauer would still be hitting .300.


Denard Span has been put on the DL and Jason Pridie recalled. Had to happen. The Twins played Michael Cuddyer in center a bit on the road trip, but that was on grass. They need a legitimate center fielder in reserve in the Dome with its artifical turf.

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  1. if my math is correct and Mauer hit .317 (his career average coming into this season) for the rest of the year (assuming his current AB/game ratio) he would end up at .351.
    although i don't know when he will slow down since he managed to raise his average 15 points in one night.