Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The waiting continues

We may know for certain the name of the president-elect before we know who will hold the title of general manager for the Twins.

Derek Falvey, of course, has been named the chief baseball officer. The new GM will be under Falvey. And other than a report that interim general manager Rob Antony will not get that job, there has been little reported about it.

Which, I suppose, makes sense. We're working our way down food chains here. Whoever is general manager of the Twins will not have the authority that Terry Ryan had, even if he has the title. And I don't know that anybody other than Falvey and maybe Jim Pohlad/Dave St. Peter knows what responsibilities the job will entail.

But it figures to be an important job. Nobody can do everything; Falvey's got to delegate, as did Ryan. The titles -- general manager, assistant general manager vs. chief baseball officer, general manager -- are less important than the quality of the decisions, and the quality of the decisions depends on the ability of the decision makers of process the flood of information available to front office today. 

When the World Series is over and Falvey finally can officially take the helm, naming his No. 2 is likely to be Job 1.

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  1. I noticed a weird thing about day of the week splits for the Twins. I don't know if this is typical of all teams, but... well, the Twins finished with a .364 win percentage.

    But did you know they played .500 ball on Saturdays? And .423 on Sundays? Monday thru Thursday they played about on par with their overall, but on Fridays?

    On Fridays they had a .192 win percentage!

    Their home-away splits, and their day-night splits, show about on-par performance, which makes the DOTW splits seem extra weird.

    I'm NOT a baseball writer or expert, just a blogger who loves baseball and sometimes writes about it. There's a DOTW splits chart in the post I just published, FWIW: