Thursday, October 13, 2016

Byron Buxton, bad fielder? I don't think so.

I was poking around Baseball Reference looking for a quick-n-easy comment for today blog post and came up with this:

The defensive metrics on Byron Buxton as posted on that site have bizarrely different views of his defense.

Total Zone has Buxton sharply below average. Runs Saved has him a bit above.

He made, certainly, a few mistakes (generally near the wall). But I can't see that they were enough to rank him as a terrible defensive outfielder.

To be sure, the metrics are based on less than a half season of time, and even the most devoted advocates of these numbers say they need three years of date to be confident in the conclusions. This is one case where I will go with what my eyes tell me, and my eyes tell me that Buxton is a prime defensive outfielder.

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