Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The fast facts and stereotypes

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Kinda makes you wonder why the fixation with having Ehrie Adrianza pinch run for Robbie Grossman, doesn't it?

It's understandable. Adrianza is a glove-first middle infielder; Grossman is a poor defensive corner outfielder. Most good middle infield gloves come attached to fast feet. Most poor defensive outfielders aren't very mobile. 

And it's even possible that if you had the two run a 40-yard dash that Adrianza would win.

But there are few situations on a baseball field in which a player is asked to run 120 feet in a straight line. It's 90 feet from home to first, after which there's a 90-degree turn to navigate. And what these numbers tell us in that Grossman does the running baseball requires faster than Adrianza.

And after watching Adrianza stumble twice rounding third base before getting thrown out at home, I believe it.

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