Thursday, June 21, 2018

Better results than process

Lance Lynn, facing one of the best teams in baseball, allowed just one (unearned) run Wednesday night.

Lance Lynn threw 97 pitches, just over half for strikes, and walked five men while striking out two. He lasted just five innings.

Good results, bad process. Which do you trust more?

Lynn's ERA is now a season best 4.64, which ain't good but is 3.73 better than his ERA at the end of April. But even as he lowered his ERA through his nine starts in May and June, he walked 23 men in 50 innings.

He's made it work, in large part because he's surrendered just two home runs in that stretch. But it isn't pretty. He gives me Mike Pelfrey flashbacks at times -- a big right-hander with one usable pitch of which he has imperfect command.

Lynn does miss more bats than Pelfrey did, however. He didn't pile up a lot of strikeouts Wednesday against Boston, but in those most recent 50 innings he has 47 strikeouts. Pelfrey would have needed about 90 innings to get to 47.

Bottom line: Lynn isn't really pitching that well.

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