Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Royce Lewis, BA cover boy

So Lewis is atop BA's ranking of Twins prospects, and that makes sense to me. He was the first overall pick last June, he at least held his own in low A ball in August, and I sincerely doubt that Nick Gordon, the most likely position player alternative to Lewis, can be a quality major league shortstop. I don't think he'll hit with enough power to be a regular.

I don't know that Lewis is going to stick at short either. But right now the Twins are rather rife with shortstop prospects -- Gordon (who will be in BA's top 100 when that list in released), Lewis, Wander Javier, Jermaine Palacios. 

Anyway, BA's top 10 list for the Twins isn't in my hand yet, so I'll drop a off-the-top-of-my-head list on you now:

1) Lewis, shortstop
2) Stephen Gonsalves, left-handed pitcher
3) Fernando Romero, right-handed pitcher
4) Nick Gordon, shortstop
5) Wander Javier, shortstop
6) Alex Kirilioff, outfielder
7) Tyler Jay, left-handed pitcher
8) Zach Littell, right-handed pitcher
9) Mitch Garver, catcher
10) Akil Baddoo, outfielder

We'll see how that compares to BA's list.

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