Wednesday, January 24, 2018

From the Handbook: Lefty-righty statistics

Back in the earliest days of the annual Bill James Handbook -- before Baseball Reference -- this was the section that made the book a worthy investment for a Strat-O-Matic fanatic like me. Today it's a bit redundant.

But it's still part of the book. A handful of Twins of note:

Joe Mauer in 2017 slashed .308/.377/.377 against lefties, .304/.386/.430 against righties. One doesn't often see a player with equal on-base percentage and slugging percentage, even in a low-figure split such as this (Mauer had 130 AB versus lefties).

Eddie Rosario, who has had platoon issues in the past, hit .279 against lefties last year. That sounds acceptable, but his OBP against them was a mere .293 and his slugging just .380. These are good when compared to Max Kepler, but that's an exceedingly low bar.

Ervin Santana was, oddly, more effective against lefties last year: .215/.260/.386 vs. lefties, .234/.308/.397 vs. righties. I wouldn't care to wager on that repeating.

Why Taylor Rogers didn't hang on to the full-time eighth inning role last summer: Righties hit .287/.362/.404 against him.

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