Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Sunday Funnies

The news this week that the Twins radio broadcasts were returning to WCCO brought to mind the legendary Halsey Hall, who was in the radio and TV booths for the first decade or so that the team was in Minnesota.

That's long enough ago that I barely remember him, and I'm old.

Hall smoked cigars in the booth. Herb Carneal used to say: "I don't mind the smell of a good cigar. Unfortunately, those weren't the kind Halsey smoked."

Hall set his jacket on fire with his cigar during one game. 3M soon presented the legend with an asbestos sports jacket. I doubt anybody would do such a thing today.

And Jerry Zimmerman, a light-hitting reserve catcher, supposedly said: "Halsey is the only man I know who can turn a sports coat into a blazer."

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