Monday, November 13, 2017

From the Handbook: Team Statistics

Quick question: Which part of the Twins pitching staff did better in 2017, the starting pitchers or the relievers?

Answer: Depends on what your standard is.

The Twins starting pitchers had a markedly worse ERA -- 4.73 for starters, 4.40 for relievers. But in comparison to the rest of baseball, the starters were slightly better. Their ERA ranked 19th among the 30 teams. The relief ERA ranked 20th.

Neither, obviously, is very good.

Another tidbit from this section: As BIS figures these things, the Twins; fielders saved 28 runs last season, 10th best in the majors. Center field -- Byron Buxton, mostly -- saved 27.

Second base, occupied for the most part by fellow Gold Glove recipient Brian Dozier, was a -5. No American League team saved more runs at first base (9) than the Twins, but Joe Mauer wasn't even one of the three finalists for the trophy.

The Twins' worst defensive position by this metric was third base, -9.

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  1. Mauer was cheated, just like Hrbek and Mienkevich (sorry, the spelling)