Friday, November 3, 2017

Notes, quotes and comment (into the offseason)

The Twins announced Thursday that Miguel Sano, still troubled by a stress reaction in his left shin, will have surgery on Nov. 13 to install a titanium rod. This is expected to solve the leg problem but complicate his workout/weight reduction plans.

Also noted in the above linked story from the Pioneer Press: Outfielder Zack Granite has already had hernia surgery.


I noted earlier reports that Joe Vavra and Rick Anderson would rejoin Ron Gardenhire in Detroit. A third standby of Gardy's old Twins staff will be there too, but not Scott Ullger, as I'd half-jested. Steve Liddle, dropped by the Twins after the 2012 season, will be the Tigers bench coach.

Vavra's position was announced by the Tigers as "quality assurance coach," a vague and meaningless term to me. Presumably Gardenhire, Vavra and the Tigers front office know what he's supposed to do, and if so my ignorance is perfectly acceptable.

But there's a pretty good chance there will be little "quality" to assure from the rebuilding Tigers in 2018.

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