Friday, August 11, 2017

The Enns justifies the means

Dietrich Enns was on a very short leash in his major league debut Thursday night.

The lefty got just seven outs before Paul Molitor reeled him in. Even though the Twins led by four at the time, it was an explicable move; Enns had committed a throwing error, followed by single, single, walk. One could sense that lead slipping away.

There wasn't an immediate roster move; Molitor implied after the game that one would come today. I can't help guessing that the Twins had intended to ship Enns out for a bat (Mitch Garver?), but the short start and resulting heavy use of the front end of the bullpen had them thinking about bringing up a pitcher. Remember, Dillon Gee went four innings a couple days ago, and Alan Busenitz and Ryan Pressly got eight and six outs respectively Thursday. A short Kyle Gibson start tonight in Detroit could create big problems.

And the odds of a five-inning outing (or less) from Gibson are better than the odds of a seven-inning one.

What they do matters; ther current five-game winning streak has put the Twins back in the hunt:

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