Friday, August 4, 2017

30 pitchers and what do you get?

(Answer: A lousy ERA.)

Dillon Gee on Thursday became the 30th man to make a pitch for the Minnesota Twins. He fared well, which can't be said for most of the other 29.

The Twins team ERA is 4.83, which (news flash) is not good. Thirteen of the 30 pitchers have lower ERAs (with the Twins) than that, with Matt Belisle sporting the highest of the better-than-team ERAs (4.64) and Alex Wimmers the lowest of the worse-than-team (4.91).

Eleven "pitchers" -- the quote marks are because this includes Chris Gimenez, the backup catcher who has made six mopup appearances on the mound -- have ERAs of 6.00 or higher. Those 11 pitchers have totalled 24 starts, or more than 22 percent of the team's games -- so basically, one rotation spot has that dismal ERA. (Most of those starts, 18, were made by Kyle Gibson; the rest went to Nik Turley, Felix Jorge and Adam Wilk.)

Another 26 starts have been divvied up among Hector Santiago, Phil Hughes and Bartolo Colon; their ERAs range from 5.63 to 5.87. That's another rotation slot (and change).

Which all adds up to something we already knew. The Twins have shuffled the rotation behind Ervin Santana steadily. Jose Berrios has thrived since his call-up. Adalberto Mejia is flawed but acceptable. The rest have been injured, ineffective or both.

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