Sunday, August 6, 2017

Pic of the Week

Former Twins infielder Eduardo Nunez, now with the
Red Sox, is covered with powder dumped on him after
he drove in the winning run on Saturday, July 29.

This is the second year in a row that Eduardo Nunez got traded in a deadline deal, which is why he's now with Boston.

He is part of what has turned into a long trade tree for the Twins:

In 1999 the Twins took Travis Bowyer in the 20th round; in 2001 they took pitcher Scott Tyler in the second round (a draft better remembered for the first round pick, Joe Mauer). In December 2005 they swapped those two pitchers to the Marlins for second baseman Luis Castillo, who was the leadoff man for the memorable 2006 Twins.

At the trading deadline in 2007 the Twins moved Castillo to the Mets for two minor leaguers. One didn't make it to the majors, but the other was Drew Butera. Butera was traded at the deadline in 2013 to the Dodgers for a minor league lefty named Miguel Sulbaran,

The next spring, the Twins traded Sulbaran to the Yankees for Nunez. He stuck with the Twins until the deadline last year, when they traded him to the Giants for another minor league lefty -- and that lefty, Adalberto Mejia, is now in the Twins starting rotation.

As for how Nunez has done since the Red Sox got him, let us hear from a member of the Red Sox front office:

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