Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pic of the Week

Yadier Molina had enough stickum on his chest protector
to defy gravity Thursday.

Despite the smile on Yadier Molina's face, this was a significant play in the winning rally by the Chicago Cubs on Thursday. Molina missed a bounced strike three in the seventh inning, then couldn't find the ball because it clung to his chest protector. That bizarre play was followed by a three-run homer

Molina belittled reporters after the game for asking about the sticky stuff on his equipment, but there's one obvious reason to have so much of it that a ball can't drop off: So that he can load balls with a foreign substance to aid his pitchers. This is hardly unheard of for catchers; Jim Bouton in Ball Four discribed various ways Elston Howard scuffed balls for Whitey Ford back in the 1960s.

MLB, it was reported Friday night, has decided not to discipline Molina. I don't get it. Maybe the loss was deemed punishment enough.

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