Monday, April 3, 2017

Opening Day(s)

The regular season began Sunday afternoon -- with a game in St. Petersburg, Florida, and a game in Phoenix, each of which involved two teams that hold their spring trainings in those areas. Which is one way to reduce travel expenses.

And there was a night game in St. Louis, which doesn't fit that weak joke, but did involve the defending champions.

I'll just make one comment on Sunday's outcomes: It's always good to see the Yankees at the bottom of the standings.

And it's even better to see the season underway.

As I said in the Monday print column, I'm not particularly optimistic about the Twins' 2017 chances. But I'll be at Target Field this afternoon for the opener, and given the vagaries of April weather in Minnesota in general and today's damp forecast in particular, that's a gesture of optimism.

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