Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pic of the Week

Rod Carew and David Eckstein applaud after Ralf Reuland,
father of Carew's organ donor,  threw the first pitch
Tuesday in Anaheim.

Much of the attention paid to the Rod Carew double transplant has been, understandably, about the heart transplant, But Sir Rodney also received a kidney from Konrad Reuland, and I'm quite sure that's why David Eckstein was involved in Tuesday's pregame ceremony.

Eckstein, the shortstop for the 2002 Angels team that won the World Series, is a member of a family with a legacy of kidney problems. Stories on the Ecksteins sum the family up thusly: Everybody is either a kidney donor or recipient. 

Eckstein a couple of years ago was reportedly preparing to be donate one of his kidneys to a sister. I looked this week but did not find any stories indicating that the surgery had actually happened. His older brother, Rick, minor league hitting coordinator in the Twins organization, has already donated a kidney to another brother.

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