Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pic of the Week

Brian Dozier catches a pop fly Tuesday night in Atlanta.

So ... how good a defensive second baseman is Brian Dozier?

My sense of things is that the Twins believe he's very good. The metrics are less certain.

Baseball Reference lists two primary metrics, Total Zone and Runs Saved. Runs Saved is kinder to Dozier; in 2013-16 -- his four seasons as the Twins regular second baseman -- he's slightly above average in that measure. Total Zone has consistently had him below average. The defensive component of BR's version of Wins Above Replacement generally credits him with a positive contribution.

If the metrics agreed, that would be a step toward certainty. They don't.

What we do know is that Dozier is an uncommonly productive power hitter for the position. This is his third year with 20-plus homers. He's slugging well above .500. Even if we assume that he's a bit less than average with the glove, he's still helping.

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