Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Twelve and counting

The losing streak hit 12 Tuesday. Just think -- we have another month of this to endure.

Or at least the Twins have another month of this to endure. I know a lot of fans have checked out of this season. I'm pretty close to doing that, for cryin' out loud, and I never really stop paying attention to the Twins. But when Logan Schafer is suddenly the daily center fielder, when two rotation slots belong to Andrew Albers and Pat Dean, when the regular shortstop is a good prospect playing out of position -- there's not a lot of reason to think the decision makers give a hoot.

I can make a case for playing Jorge Polanco at shortstop this month and next. They might as well feed him at-bats, and they can't play both him and Brian Dozier at second base, and they are at least accumulating objective data about Polanco as a defensive shortstop for the next management team.

I refuse to try to rationalize Schafer's presence on the roster, much less in the lineup, or feeding starts and innings to Albers and Dean.

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