Thursday, July 14, 2016

Good-bye Jepsen, part two

The Twins formally released Kevin Jepsen on Monday, which means they were unable to find a taker for the remains of his $5.31 million contract. Shocking, ain't it?

Meaningless but odd: Last year, in his 28 innings with the Twins, Jepsen had an ERA of 1.61. This year, in 30.2 innings, 6.16. Sixes and ones ... 161616.

I assume somebody will pick up the veteran now that he's a free agent for about a 10th of what the Twins are paying him. He still has his velocity.

Meanwhile, the Twins are deep into a Plan B (or lower) bullpen. Remember, they were going to have a late-inning corps of Glen Perkins, Jepsen, Trevor May and Casey Fien. Perkins is out for the season, Jepsen released, Fien waived to the Dodgers and May sidelined by back and hip issues. If things develop this month as I hope they do, May could (should) transition back into a rotation role.

I certainly never imagined when watching Brandon Kintzler work in Fort Myers that I was watching their future closer. Jepsen leaves with seven saves on the season, which still tops the team stats, but Kintzler has five and will certainly pass Jepsen -- unless he gets traded.

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