Saturday, July 9, 2016

Contempating Byron Buxton

Byron Buxton gets checked out Friday night
after losing his confrontation with the outfield wall
in Arlington, Texas. He's to have an MRI exam
today after he was carted off the field,
Even if the initial diagnosis of "right knee contusion" proves accurate upon further examination, I don't expect Byron Buxton to play again this weekend. There's tonight, and Sunday, and then the All-Star break, and he might as well let things heal.

I do wish he's stop running into walls. There are a few players who seem capable of that without damaging themselves, but the wall wins pretty consistently.

Buxton never came to the plate Friday, so his six-game hitting streak is intact. He's raised his batting average 23 points and his on-base percentage 26 points in those six games, not that .212 and .253 are anything to get excited about. He also has a two-game no-strikeout streak going, which doesn't sound like much but is the only such making-contact streak of his major league season,

He's had a longer and more difficult transition into the majors than I expected, but he's been showing signs of late that he's catching on. Now he's just got to stay in the lineup.

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