Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Eduardo Nunez, Ned Yost and second base

Eduardo Nunez turns two over the sliding Paul
Goldschmidt in the ninth inning.
Eduardo Nunez, the Twins' token All-Star, didn't get an at-bat Tuesday night in San Diego, but he did serve as the pivot man on the game-ending double play.

One selling point for Nunez to be the Twins selection for the AL roster was his versatility. Even with the bloated rosters, the manager are encouraged from on high to have at least one multi-position guy. For the American League this year, that was Nunez.

That he played second base in his limited action Tuesday was ... interesting. He's played five games at second base this year, starting four of them, for a total of 32 innings. That's a fraction of his playing time at third base (27 starts) and shortstop (38).

But second base is where Ned Yost put him Tuesday. And ... well, I'm engaging in pure speculation here, but Yost's team released its "regular" second baseman (Omar Infante) a couple weeks ago. Might Yost have put Nunez there out of his need in his day job with the Kansas City Royals? Might the Royals come a-calling on Terry Ryan this month with the intent of acquiring Nunez for second base?

We'll see,

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