Thursday, March 5, 2015

The team of the future

I sure didn't mind listening to the Twins-Gophers radio broadcast Wednesday night. I was even happy to hear Dan Gladden, although the charm will soon wear off, I'm sure.

The game itself didn't mean much other than as a lineup to dream on. Byron Buxton in center, Miguel Sano at third, Eddie Rosario in left field, J.O. Berrios on the mound.

I expect that those four will open the season at Double A Chattanooga. I wouldn't mind -- at all -- if any of them opened the season with Minnesota. That's not the way Terry Ryan prefers to operate, however.

Still, I have to believe that Buxton could hit a least .250 with top-shelf defense and 50-plus steals if the Twins just put him in center and let him go. And we should know by now that they aren't going to get anything close to that from Aaron Hicks, Jordan Schaefer or Shane Robinson. The Twins aren't going to burn a half-year or year of service time to develop him at the highest level, however. I know that.

It's just something to dream on. And wait on, for a while.

Yeah. I just wish it was here.

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