Saturday, March 21, 2015

The demotion of Alex Meyer

Alex Meyer listens to Triple A pitching coach
Marty Mason earlier in spring training.
Meyer's going to be hearing more from
Mason this season.
In reality, the odds of Alex Meyer making the Twins rotation out of training camp became very slim the moment Ervin Santana was signed. There were just too many big salaries lined up in front of Meyer, and the Twins never moved any of the veterans out of his way.

The Twins optioned him out Friday. It was inevitable. Trevor May will follow soon. Meanwhile Mike Pelfrey remains. Ugh.

To be sure, Meyer's outing Thursday illustrated why the Twins are reluctant to create an opportunity for him. He walked four and had catcher Josmil Pinto hopping around to corral pitches.

Still, Meyer is 25 now, and it's probably about time to see something out of him. I understand the rationale behind not considering him for the bullpen; if he's relieving, he'll not be using/developing a change-up.

But that's only an important consideration if he's destined to be a starter. The Twins are showing no urgency on that, not merely because they optioned him out on Friday but because they have stockpiled so many veteran starters to block him (and May, and Jose Berrios ...).

It's going to take some injuries to get the inexperienced pitchers a chance. I don't root for injuries. But this situation is testing that rule.


  1. Time takes care of these types of problems. It cannot hurt to be conservative with players, even phenomenal players with a high ceiling.

    Ultimately, we want him pitching well for the Twins for a long time. What is the best way to insure that?

    The "Sink or Swim" method of introducing players to the "Bigs" causes plenty of casualties.

  2. Meyer is 25 years old, has never pitched more than 130 innings in a minor league season. Never has made it through a minor league season without arm issues or extreme babying of his pitch count and innings.

    an Ace needs to be able to pitch 220 innings a season and another 40 in the postseason.

    It is not happening, get some use out of him before he is eligible for social security..

    He screams closer. Burdi and Meyer the 7th and 8th and Perkins in the 9th if he can last another season physically.

    Perkins was breaking down right before their eyes in 2014. Could not make it through an entire season closing for a non-contending team. Back issues, a barking elbow and the TJ precursor injury, the forearm flexor strain that shut him down. Do they think he can hold up closing games on a contender where much more usage and high pressure innings would be required? Last season he was closing out games for a non contender where it was no big deal if he begged out of a save appearance or two as he did a few occasions.

    Meyer could be the closer in 2016.