Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Rosario Scenario

Eddie Rosario had
a lost 2014 season
after his drug suspension.
Eddie Rosario had a pretty good game Friday.

As a left fielder, he showed off his throwing arm, nailing Pittsburgh leadoff man Josh Harrison at second on a ball Harrison hit off the left-field fence,

As a hitter, he hit his third home run of the spring.

From 1500ESPN's Derek Wetmore, Twins assistant GM Rob Anthony:

"He's a guy that can play center field. He's a guy that could jump right into that competition with the [Jordan] Schafers and [Aaron] Hicks and [Shane] Robinsons of the world. So keep an eye on him as spring progresses." 

While my opinion certainly carries no weight in the Twins roster deliberations, I thought off Rosario's Arizona Fall League stint that he ought to be given a real opportunity this spring, so that kind of talk from the likes of Antony should sit well with me.

But I'm not sure I take it that seriously. Yes,. Paul Molitor has been saying good things about Rosario's supposedly improved work ethic. But ... the corner outfield jobs are sealed off by Oswaldo Arcia and Torii Hunter, The one outfield job available is center field, which isn't Rosario's end game.

Rosario's spent much of the past three years at second base; he hasn't had all that much center field time since 2011. Even this spring, with the CF job open, Rosario has been mainly playing left field. Center has belonged to Hicks, Schaefer and Byron Buxton.

I'll believe Rosario is viewed as a serious center field candidate when he gets serious center field time.

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