Friday, January 16, 2015

Contemplating Anthony Swarzak

Anthony Swarzak was a second-round draft pick in 2004,
the same draft in which the Twins picked Glen Perkins and
Trevor Plouffe.
The Twins jettisoned Anthony Swarzak back in November rather than offer him arbitration. On Thursday the Cleveland Indians announced that they had signed the right-hander to a minor league contract with the usual invitation to spring training.

When Swarzak went unclaimed in November, it signaled that no other major league team thought him worth his likely arbitration figure. Since he would presumably have taken a major league contract, the Cleveland deal tells us that no organization thought him worth a 40-man roster spot at any figure.

There are, of course, complications. For example, Swarzak is out of options, so a team that signed him to a major league deal would have difficulty sending him down. That's not an issue on this minor-league contract. A fringe player who has roster flexibility is more valuable than one without.

The Indians twitter account promoed the signing and highlighter Swarzak's strong suit:

Yes, Swarzak worked a lot of relief innings for the Twins the past three seasons. (I'm surprised there's somebody with more, frankly). They were generally low-leverage innings, and whenever the Twins tried to elevate his role, he was ineffective.

I suspect the Indians expect to have Swarzak in their bullpen this spring. I don't thinl he's going to make much difference.

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